Enhance Your Senses With a Nosing Kit

Apr 20, 2020

It has been proven that our sense of taste heavily relies on our ability to smell. So it would come as no surprise that a good sense of smell can improve the quality and experience of your whiskey tastings. Not long ago I discovered a good quality and probably the most affordable nosing kits out there. Using a nosing kit can help train your senses and ability to pick up certain aromas in your whiskey, which in my opinion greatly improves the whole tasting experience and also makes you look a bit more of a pro when conducting tastings with your friends.

The kit I'm referring to comes from NoseYourBourbon and features samples of oak, cherry, rye, tobacco, leather, vanilla, and caramel just to name a few. In total the kit includes 18 different aromas at the time of this writing. You'd be amazed at how much having a kit like this will amplify the smell and tastes you experience when tasting bourbon.

Also, to note, this is an unpaid endorsement of this product and BottleBlueBook is in no way affiliated with the company behind this kit. I just find this one to be a great value and must have for any bourbon connoiseur and especially those who are newer to appreciating great whiskey. You can purchase a kit from NoseYourBourbon by visiting their store and you can follow them on Instagram.

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