Review: 1792 Sweet Wheat

Feb 9, 2016

Ridgemont Reserve a brand from Barton Distillery in Bardstown, KY released 1792 Sweet Wheat. Unlike their other bourbons, this particular release was made with wheat as opposed to the rye they use with their 1792 release. This makes a sweeter more mellow bourbon.


The first scent that hits the nose is reminiscent of a light backyard fire, warm and relaxing.  The wood was not overpowering and had sweet undertones.  After a few minutes of sitting getting exposed to air, both vanilla and brown sugar become the main scents.  Between the smell of the backyard fire and the vanilla, it reminds me of baking in the fall.


Continuing to the palate are the flavors of vanilla and caramel/ brown sugar.  The combination of the wheat and vanilla brings to mind bread pudding.  As it is sits, the light fruitiness of raspberries become apparent.  All the flavors combine to make an unusually sweet drink. 


The ending flavors are simple and there is no dominant flavor or scent.  This bourbon’s sweetness dissipates quickly leaving the finish flat and unspectacular. 


Much like the 1792 Port Finish, the Sweet Wheat is a nice change from the everyday bourbon.  Sweet Wheat has a nice mellow and smooth drink with a dessert quality.  If you are looking for a nice drink to end the day without the kick and bite of most other bourbons this is for you.  

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