Review: 1792 Port Finish

Dec 22, 2015

Ridgemont Reserve 1792 has recently been one of my favorite everyday bourbons. Probably past due. It is solid and very enjoyable. When it was announced they were coming out with a bourbon finished in Port Casks trying it was a must. Spending 6 years in a bourbon barrel and 2 more years in Port Casks had to produce something special.


I was first hit with a blast of floral scents followed by a light smell of berries. You could almost smell the port. There was no bitterness with only the slightest hints of vanilla and spice and leather to round out the scents. Surprisingly there was not much of an oak presence.



Vanilla and fruit specifically are present in the first sip. By the second sip the presence of grape is noticeable. The grape is very subtle yet very enjoyable. While there wasn’t much oak present in the nose, it does make itself known as it allowed to breath.



Due to the lower proof, the finish ends quickly without leaving any unfavorable after taste. Upon exhale there is a stronger presence of oak and spice.



I would not say this is an everyday bourbon due to its unique flavor profile. The 2 years aging in the Port Cask made this a very mellow bourbon. Yet despite the mellowness, this is not complex and has very little depth. I do recommend this as a change of pace from the everyday bourbon. With this flavor profile I would suggest this as an after dinner drink with friends and family.


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