Parker's Heritage #8 Wheat Whiskey Review

Nov 30, 2015

Until now I had never had the opportunity of trying any of the Parker's Heritage Collection offerings. Admittedly, I usually prefer drinks a little heavier on the Rye content. Knowing that wheated whiskey is everything this time of year I figured this could be worth it.

Parkers Heritage Wheat Whiskey #8


At a proof of 125 to 127 I expected a stronger alcohol smell. I was very surprised when at first whiff I get strong vanilla and caramel scents.  After the Parker's sat out in for a few minutes the fruitiness started to assert its presence.  I didn't detect much in the way of spice, mostly sweet and fruitiness.


Caramel, vanilla continue to the tongue. I kept waiting for the heat to be the main trait but that never happened. The hints of caramel and vanilla continued throughout. Not to mislead, this wasn't an overly sweet whiskey but the hints are there. after the third and fourth tastes, I started to taste the fruitiness that was present in the nose.


The nose and the palate of Parker's Heritage Collection 8 are warming and delicious.  I expected the finish to be the same.  I noticed the finish was not nearly as complex.  The finish unlike the nose and palate had a stronger spice to it.  It isn't that it just stops or is disappointing.  I was set up by the wonderful body of this drink.


The proof of this drink may scare many possible drinkers.  I'll say there is considerable heat, but once the flavors hit your tongue, that is all that matters.  As I stated earlier I usually prefer whiskey with a little higher rye content.  I've tried Pappy and Maker's (46, 46-Cask Strength and Maker's Cask Strength) and I prefer this one out of all of them.  If you are able to find one grab it you will not be disappointed.


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