Review: Booker's 25th Anniversary

Nov 14, 2015


Despite the high proof of this release, the first whiff suggests butterscotch.  After a few minutes in the glass the smell of charred oak and coffee get stronger.  Breathe it in through the nose and mouth at the same time and the sweetness hits your tongue and even more of the coffee and oak hits your nose.


There is not an over-abundance of sweetness in this juice or even spices in this juice.  You can definitely taste the butterscotch and simple spices but to me the overriding tastes are those of charred oak and a hint of coffee.  Make no mistake, even though the prominent flavors are not sweet, this is an enjoyable drink.   As with other high proof bourbons, I prefer to add a little water NOT ICE to my drink.  I add about 7 or 8 drops of water.  Without dropping the proof too low, to me all the flavors awaken to make a really good drink.


As expected, the finish did not disappoint.   After the heat, buttery sweetness and coffee, the finish does not just stop quickly.  All the flavors just dissipate evenly leaving a very nice taste in your mouth.


Even though Booker’s 25th Anniversary is supposed to be and “Old School” drink in its process, it is a very solid drink.  I find it a much better drink than the normal Booker’s offerings.  The normal offerings seem less complex and their finish is not nearly as good.  This is a solid drink.  It is well worth its price if you can find someone willing to part with a bottle.

Booker's 25th Anniversary Bottle

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